Friday, September 11, 2009

Cat Poem for Friday

a cat
a cat a cat cat
sat on a mat
asleep or awake
bam bam bam
cat cake

scoop up the cat
slice it, dice it
serve it to a mouse
who lives in your house

big fat mouse
sitting in your house
happy little mouse
fat little mouse
stamp stamp stamp
no more mouse

clean up the mouse
feed it to your dog
the dog sits beside a log
exploding dog
dog on the frog, no more log
dog in the bog, dog fed to the hog
it was a nice dog

sitting in the garden
an elf appears
hello he says
bang bang bang
shoot him in the balls
smalls balls small balls
no balls no balls
bleed to death little elf
he said to himself

flying through the cloud
a noise was loud
green goats falling from the sky
why? oh why?
i could not deny
their destiny was to die
green goats fell, splat splat splat
hit them with a bat
but what about the cat?
dead cat