Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Steevieg Collection

Here are some random poems by Steevie "Peanuthead" G as sent by text on various occasions of inspiration:

The symbolic face of the first antelope herd on planet Munchding were shocked by the plethora of carrot flavoured pavement slabs along the road to Ant Bar.

I once met a chap called Pap.
He did a rap about the map on his lap.
But all of a sudden the gap between the cap and him taking a nap blew up like a burnt crap.
It went zap right up the tap like a retarded Jap in a mouse trap.

When the train pulled into Pennsylvain,
it was pissing rain,
just like that time in Spain when Bahrain felt the pain
After Saddam Hussein used the pasta strain to inflict hideous shame upon the goats.

I once met a goat,
no wait was a stoat.
I thought...
Hmm potential coat.
But then it hit my scroat
then jumped on the float
in the middle of the moat,
was hit by a small boat full of retards

The space between the field and the diversified yield
first became known by a chap who wouldn't wield.
He fell off the goat, nuts bitten off by a stoat
and not a thing left in his world but his boat.
But alas he felt grace as he checked his own face
cos the retard has slowed down the pace of the race
to cut lace from the field of disgrace.

A Poem by Liamo

Jelly fire bricks
Don't start quick
But add some sambuka to the mix
And the bridge magnet cartoons bend brishisly