Thursday, August 28, 2008

The demise of Youtube - will DailyMotion fill its place?

I'm most likely not the first person to get on his high horse about this whatever the forum. I'll also most likely not be the last. What is it with youtube and blocking video these days? And worse what is it with people posting up 'video's but then only having text and images - not real video at all?

As an example there have been several incidents throughout the Olympic Games that are worth watching again and again. Obviously the IOC have some form of copyright on these videos but surely the internet is there to get around this and to let us see a clip of Phelps breaking records, Bolt's amazing sprints or the Cuban taekwondo kick on the referee!

Alas it is not to be and while there are some funny or interesting home produced video on youtube, watching sports events after they have happened will always be something that people expect to be able to do on the internet. When searching Google (owners of Youtube) for this video content it is mysteriously not there, most likely as they don't want people to go anywhere but Youtube or Google Video for it.

Hulu has emerged as another strong contender for what will work with video online. In the US, ABC screen LOST online after it has been shown on TV. This is an issue with actors at the moment and the bone of much contention in terms of the SAG strike but for the consumer it is progress and something that should be championed sooner. Hopefully, ABC or their counterpart in Ireland, will be able to screen LOST online outside of the US for those viewers in Ireland who may have missed it on TV. They just need to work out the terms. In the meantime people will continue to watch it on surfthechannel at no expense to them and no profit to ABC.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic Games

Try your own version of the Olympic Games just like this dude: