Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Who is Brian De Head?

It is not known where and when Brian De Head was born or raised. But he was born with a body.

Recent evidence suggests that he chopped off his body after training for the Moon Marathon which is an event where one runs a marathon across the Moon. Apparently his body was screaming so he chopped it off.

Since then he has moved to a new home inside the stomach of an ostrich where he lives.

He is great fun apparently. In a recent trip to Las Vegas he was seen bobbing in the pool to impress chicks.

Chicks is a touchy subject, he was dumped by the love of his life, Margaret because she said he had no heart which is harsh but true as he has no body.

Brian came with us skiing in Chile before Frankie Ding Dong arrived, fell off his skis and rolled all the way to Santiago. Nearly died but was ok cos he had a helmet on so only hurt his jaw. We left him in the hospital where he ended up marrying a girl with no arms and no legs... but she was still too much for him!

He came to Tenerife with me and I've seen a lot of him in Oslo too. Steevieg brought him to a few places I am sure and once got in a fight with him. That was ugly!

There are no known photos of Brian.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Good Things About Norway

I was asked if there was anything good about Norway... I will add more if I discover them

1. Brunettes with arctic blue eyes

2. Hemsedal at Easter, the craziest party you will ever go to... well, its up there anyway and Norwegian people are mental after a beer or two!

3. Long days in summer

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Strange things about Norway

I have been 'living'/working in Norway since December 2005 and I wanted to share with the world some strange observations about Norway, I will keep this updated.

1. People

2. Winter & Summer
- Winter is dark and cold but dark even in the day
- Summer is bright and warm but really bright all the time

3. Food
- Norwegian people do not like flavours it seems, they eat bread, bread, bread, bread, cheese, cheese and cheese and strange bits of meat with salad. Some of their traditional dishes include burying a fish in a hole in the ground with salt and digging it up 6 months later rotten and eating it. They say "it doesn't smell nice but it tastes good". Yeah right!

Another one is boiled sheeps head. Now I have been told that you only get to eat this if you are invited to someones place, they would only eat it once a year and not everyone does it. Thank God for that! But apparently they eat everything... that would include tongue, face, chin, ears, eyeballs and brain! Sounds delicious.

4. SAD - Seasonal Adjustment Disorder:
I was once told by a Swedish girl that she hated Norwegians cos they so happy all the time, they appeared retarded. Well they do seem a bit too happy, although in Winter they either disappear or go sort of quiet or walk around the streets completely hammered drunk at times like 10 a.m. in the morning. I can see how Winter here would drive people to drink.

However in Summer they are the happiest people in the world, its a bit like the Truman Show.

5. Anywhere outside Oslo:

6. People who live in the far north of Norway. There is nothing there, no people, its cold and dark, why would anyone want to live there?

7. Clothes
Some people I have seen wearing the following combinations:
- wellies, shorts, yellow belt, cravat, shirt
- traditional Norwegian clothes, nice.

8. Cross country skiing
People will actually get orgasmic telling you how much they love cross country skiing. In summer they put wheels on skiis and do cross country skiing on wheels. They absolutely love it! Can't see the appeal myself, uphill skiing seems like too much hard work and not enough reward. Give me the slopes anyday.

9. Last night:
Last night we went to a work function with 450 people, everyone got hammered drunk and they can't really handle their drink here. A band came on and the guy who was a sh1te singer, even worse than me, asked if we were ready for rock and roll and then sung the theme to Ghostbusters. He mentioned on quite a few occasions "I ain't afraid of no ghost".

Pineapple Potatoes

In Chile (June-August 2002) me, Daz and Liamo lived in a wooden hut up in the mountains near Santiago de Chile. We lived in Refugio de la Universidad de Chile in a small mountain village called Farrellones. We snowboarded everyday.

Every weekend we went to the city, staying in La Casa Roja, going out in Calle Suecia and Bellavista. On the Sunday we went to the massive Lider supermercado in Las Condes to do our weekly shopping for food that we would eat up in the mountains.

Mainly we bought porridge, bread, eggs, turkey, ham, cheese (breakfast and lunch) and soup, potatoes, pasta, chicken, alfredo sauce, and beans (for dinner).

One day with a tin of beans we got a tin of pineapple free. We didn't think much of it until we were running out of food one week on a Thursday. All we had left was eggs, beans, potatoes and pineapples. So we decided we would fry the potatoes and then I thought lets throw in the pineapples with the potatoes and it was absolutely delicious.

Thats it, that the story about pineapple potatoes. The thing is that we cooked it more often after that cos we actually liked it. I even cooked it once since I got back.