Thursday, December 28, 2006

UCD Library

Back in UCD when we were studying in the library we used to entertain ourselves with the following activities:

- Waiting for people to leave their desk and then drawing giant cartoon penises on their notes, sometimes on the notes of their neighbours with arrows pointing at that person and a note saying "i like you"

- Waiting for someone to leave their desk, then going to the biggest books of the library, huge atlases and encyclopedias and placing them in a massive pile on that persons desk

- Hiding behind the panelled walls in the library and waiting for someone to walk by. As they walk by start whispering "Help me" from behind the wall and scratch on it if that doesn't get their attention. Keep doing this until someone realises that you're behind the wall and then when they open the wall walk out and say thanks

I realised some of these after talking to Smithers last week in a bar in Dublin. I'll add to these as I remember them

Oh yeah, one other thing we spent most of our time doing was walking around checking out the hot chicks...
Photo of me and Smithers and some of the other Science lads

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Amelie is my new favourite film. I watched it last night and even though I shouldn't really have liked it, I did. It is so simple a story with such real characters, this is what makes it.

The movie is timeless. Audrey Tattou who plays Amelie is perfect with her huge brown eyes and white skin, it suits the character perfectly.

I would recommend you rent/buy it and watch it.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Airport - A Poem

I’m bored off my face
Such a slow pace
Stupid people are they
Put your fukcin belt in the x-ray!

Retards all around
Spent a few pound
Its only 5 quid
Don’t bring your liquid!

Hot chick in the q
What does she do?
Her eyes fall on me
Nothing will be

East European muppet
Smells like dead rabbit
Get rid of the BO
Use some deo!

If I won an election
I’d create an injection
Makes babies dream
And not fukcin scream!