Friday, November 10, 2006

Clublurpety Doo - New Quiz Show!

Clublurpety Doo
Clublurpety Doo
Clublurpety Doo!!

And here is your host Doktor Fat Face McNiceBarnet and Stupid Moustache...

Welcome on the show tonight. I'd like to welcome our guests, Sinky & Katie (nice baps), Steevieg & Frankie (nice baps) and Daz & Brian De Head.
Question 1: What is the capital of Bizmania?...
Ah that was Fraser on the blurper first... yes Fraser
I'm afraid that's wrong, anyone else like to hazard a guess?
Ah Daz, what is your answer?... going to confer with Brian then? Oops looks like he rolled off the counter there.
Yes that's the correct answer, 10 points.
Steevieg and Frankie can you stop kissing please? Thanks.
Ok, question 2: How many retards does it take to eat a badger?
Steevieg, you have an answer?
"I think that the transconglomeration of the outer perturbation of the molecular donkey face is something that I disagree with. Frankie, shut up! I am talking!!!! The capitilisation of the badger culture began back in 1888........
- two hours later -
... and so I guess probably 2"
ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......... Sorry are you finished, no I'm afraid the answer is not 2 but thanks for your essay. Daz?
"Eh I once saw a cabbage eat an upsidedown chair, it was only one cabbage so I guess 4"
The correct answer...

Welcome back to the second half of the show. The current scores are:
Daz & Brian in the lead with 20 points
Sinky & Katie in second place with 10 points (bonus points of 5 per bap)
Steevieg & Frankie in last place with -5 points (cos he is a j3w!)
This is fastest finger first, I'd like you to nominate one person from each team. Ok... Frank, Fraser and.... Brian. Ok Brian, you know you don't actually have any fingers? No, I'm not being racist. No, I have nothing against bodiless people. Ok, fair enough.
Question 1: "What..."
Brian... well I don't know how you did that but what is your answer?
"Rabbit rabbit rabbit rabbit"
Yes, that's correct. The question was going to be what is the starting line of the famous hit song by The Retarded Pencil Frogs called I Live in a Pint of Aids Juice Halfway to the Moon, that's the correct answer.
Question 2: "Where..."
Daz, what is the answer?
No, I'm afraid that's wrong. No, it is wrong I have the answer here. What do you mean you don't accept that, you don't even know the question? The question was where is the planet Lambda? Its not right. What do you mean you're not playing any more? You are top scorer. You don't care, you won anyway? Ok...
Sinky, what is the answer?
No, sorry, wrong answer. Frankie?
"Eh... I'm caught in a trap, I can't go on...." BANG!
Sorry, Steevieg had to shoot him, he was going to start singing.
The winner is Brian & Steevie, and all expenses holiday paid to the Retard Camp in Uzbekistan where you will be given 50 bullets to kill as many as you can.

Countries I have visited!

I used to think it was a lot until I did this...

create your own visited country map

This makes I think 38 countries. I added two more at the end of 2006, Romania and Finland. To be added in 2007 are Iceland, India and maybe China. If I did Russia that would colour most of the map in.